In December 2014, we integrated LinkedIn, the professional social network, into Over-Graph. Unfortunately, LinkedIn will no longer be available in the coming days…

This decision and this work was a result of reflection, of a strategic development choice, but also of active listening to your needs. We have therefore rolled out various functionalities in Over-Graph dedicated to LinkedIn. And a huge number of you have connected your profiles since; nearly 3000!

  • Reminder of LinkedIn functionalities

Different functionalities are accessible: the programming of new performance-tracking indicators, such as the top publications. There is a screen capture below of the publication functionality.


All of the functionalities are presented in this article.

We moved forward together towards better indicators; revolving around the performance of your personal profiles, for example.

We also continued the secret objective of integrating groups to provide you with new communications services around LinkedIn, and to even offer you the best moments to publish on LinkedIn.


  • A Change at LinkedIn

Unfortunately, the social network has recently carried out major changes in its developer program. This has translated into a virtually complete restriction of access to its API. The vast majority of applications have been influenced. This will undoubtedly be the case for Over-Graph as well.

These restrictions will no longer allow us to offer you the LinkedIn functionalities that are available in Over-Graph today.

The technical impact of this change in policy, announced on February 12, began on May 12, 2015. The “cut” of your LinkedIn profile from Over-Graph will therefore take effect in the coming days.

From our side, we have asked LinkedIn, over the past several weeks, for privileged access to LinkedIn’s API via its “Partner” program. We sincerely hope that LinkedIn will accept our candidacy in order to allow us to offer you our dedicated functionalities again, and to be able to continue to innovate on this platform using our tools.

We are currently dealing with American solutions in this program…


  • Help us!

We also need you—please do not hesitate to report directly to the social network and to express your indignation via this form :

Similarly, you can support our efforts by using the hashtag #LinkedinforOG on social networks. If you are upset with LinkedIn’s approach and that the platform is no longer available within Over-Graph, please (ab)use it!

On our side, you know us, we rebound, we adapt, we evolve, we improve… All of the Over-Graph team will therefore continue its efforts to offer you an even faster and more useful solution.

Article published by Camille in newsOG

the 14 May 2015