Some users have been making daily use of Over-Graph for nearly 2 years, completely free of charge. In order for Over-Graph to continue, it is clear that it must make money. Here’s why.

Dear all,

OverGraph is developed and distributed by 909c, a French company created in 2010, which employs thirty staff on permanent contracts and which has held the title of Young Innovative Company since 2011.
This complex project is the result of the company’s R&D work. That work gave rise to Graph-o-Meter in early 2011, a free tool which enabled CMs to work on their Facebook Pages, then to in 2012, another free tool allowing the creation of benchmarks in real time on Facebook Page Insights.
In 2012, the desire to integrate Twitter with Graph-o-Meter forced us to rethink the entire framework and start again from scratch.

Alternately financed by a private investment fund (fundraising in 2013 with Newfund) and by BPIFrance in 2014, this project, which now represents nearly 35% of the company’s costs, must also become a source of profit in order to move forward under conditions that make it possible to deliver a stable, sustainable, and scalable platform.

1/ Given your expectations, linked to our wish to offer you a platform that is usable in a professional context;
2/ Given the number of users that we serve every day;
2/ Given the ecosystem in which we work, in particular changing social platforms;
3/ Given a growing and increasingly diverse target of communicators on Social Media (amateurs, semi-pros, and professionals)

>>> We are obliged to provide the means <<<

“ If you’re not paying for it, you are the product”

We could have sold your data (personal info, tokens, your post stats, or your tweets): it’s a model that’s simple and proven, but that doesn’t fit in with our ethic.

We could have sold display advertising to social marketers via our websites, but that would be preying on your experience.

On the contrary, we wanted to offer a product that would adapt to the many targets that we reach and to all budgets.
We arrived at this solution, which we present to you today, and which we believe to be the best. When you choose a paid subscription, you are also helping us to continue improving Over-Graph, by putting it at the service of several thousand users. Thank you in advance.


Article published by Xavier BK in newsOG

the 26 May 2015