To improve your Social Networks skills, and to help you to better understand how they work, we offer to our users a weekly activity report directly by email

Dear users,

For a couple of weeks now, we are sending you activity reports on the Social Media Profiles you’ve added on Over-Graph. In addition of tools you can already find out on (ie. publisher, response, analysis) those reports give you the chance to compare your Profiles activity to other Community Managers’ activities using Over-Graph.

Studying, each day, our data, we are able to offer you custom advice to help you to impact on social media.

More information:

  • Report is sent to the email address linked to your Facebook account. You can change it in the Settings section on,
  • if you haven’t received our report, check your spams,
  • the report is sent in the language you’ve set in Over-Graph. You can change it in the Settings section on,
  • in the same Setting section, you can deactivate the sending of the report. You can also activate it at any moment.

More, soon, we will be able to offer some custom options like the hour of reception of the report or the information include in.

Try Over-Graph and receive your social media Weekly Social Media Report!


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the 30 April 2014