In news this week, we offer our users a very practical news module and improvements in the elements at the heart of the service: discover what the team is offering you in 3 parts!


The choices and navigation tools are also impacted by this update. In fact, you’ll no longer find the tools at the top of the interface, but in a toolbar located in the upper right section of the screen, facing another bar, the selection of your social profiles.

new toolbar, closed

new toolbar open: access to 3 tools

Navigation between tools is carried out directly from this toolbar and returning to the home page is done by clicking on the Over-Graph logo in the upper left section of the screen.


Your home page has evolved and added a new module! In addition to your badges, which show your social media metrics, now you’ll find a news feed to keep you informed of new features and various improvements that the team regularly brings to Over-Graph.

If you haven’t connected all the social networks that offer Over-Graph (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and Linkedin), the new home page also introduces you to a module allowing you to quickly add different accounts and pages managed by you, maximizing Over-Graph’s functionality.


These panels to the right, which allow you to access Over-Graph’s transverse features, were also the subject of a graphic overhaul.

The old “Visit” and “Feedback” panels have been combined to form a single Help and Feedback panel.

It consists of different sections allowing you:
– to start the guided tour of the tool in use,
– to access the Help Center and dozens of questions,
– to let us know about an anomaly that you may have found in Over-Graph,
share your suggestions for improvement with our team,
– to ask us questions .

Over-Graph is moving forward with its evolution, and our team is continuously working to improve our solution! We hope that all this will help you with your work on social networks!

Article published by Xavier BK in newsOG

the 26 February 2015