For our latest release, the #Team_OG offers you a new, better-looking Explorer, with the new options you requested!

A few weeks ago, the selection bar was altered in terms of graphics and functionality. Today, Explorer itself is also evolving to offer you new functionalities.

What is Explorer?

It is the menu that allows you to explore all the profiles that you have connected with, and with which you would like to work.

You will find:

–       your personal Facebook profile

–       the pages and Facebook locations that you manage,

–       the Twitter accounts that you will have added,

–       the Instagram accounts that you will have added,

–       the Youtube channels that you will have added.

From this listing you will be able to make your work selections. You will also be able to gain access to selections that you have saved from the menu. The functionality will allow you to quickly find profiles or saved selections that interest you.


What it changes for our users
Updating your profiles

It is essential that Explorer is constantly updated, as it is the menu that will give you access to all your profiles.

If you have just been given access to a Facebook page that you would like to manage quickly in Over-Graph, all you will need to do, is refresh that section and it will instantly appear in your list.

In the same way, you will be able to refresh your Twitter, Instagram and Youtube accounts to update their thumbnails, for example.

Deleting a profile

Have you added an Instagram account to Over-Graph that has since become inactive? Do you have a Twitter account in your menu that you no longer manage? Would you like to delete them?

It is now possible! This functionality has often been requested, which is why we have now integrated it into this new version.

However, the Facebook account with which you registered at Over-Graph, is essential for the moment, and cannot be deleted. In the same way, the list of Facebook pages for which your FB account is administrator, cannot be modified.

Management of Facebook applications

Facebook applications are no longer available. As their use on Over-Graph was limited, we decided to delete them and gain in performance and comprehension.

New search engine

The search engine has been remodelled, to allow our users with the most social profiles (some have several hundred!) to find and gain access more simply to search results.

New graphics and ergonomic remodelling

This menu has been graphically remodelled for a more pleasant navigational experience. You will discover a new structure for the different elements (Social networks, sections, etc.), new animations as well as new colour palettes!

Capture d’écran 2014-10-13 à 11.09.53.png                EXPLOREROG

Before remodelling                               After remodelling


Article published by Damien in newsOG

the 15 October 2014