Faster and more efficient than ever before, experience the latest improvements that make Over-Graph an even more capable solution!

Over-Graph has a tradition of holding frequent internal sessions on a regular basis in order to examine your feedback, as well as any issues that you may have experienced with our solution.


Here is a non-exhaustive list of the main items that we have dealt with over the last few weeks:

  • The solution’s overall performance has been improved (enhanced speed)
  • Loading times for Top Stories have also been
  • The calendar function for Mozilla Firefox has been restored;
  • Problems relating to missing Facebook pages in the Explorer (running in Firefox) have been rectified.

Other isolated issues that could impact your user experience have also been dealt with: line breaks are now operational again, and publication and scheduling using LinkedIn have also been enhanced.


The process of analyzing and listening to your feedback is a continuous one that informs our thinking and means that we can make Over-Graph better every single day.

Thank you once again for your feedbacks!

Article published by Damien in newsOG

the 6 February 2015