This month is filled with new features on social networks… Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine and others, have all announced new features, which we will be presenting to you in this article.

  • Facebook

First announcement: Facebook will now be allowing its users to control the content of their news feed, in other words, to better choose what they can see. A new menu called “News feed preferences” will show the people/pages/groups that they consulted the most the previous week, as well as the people/pages/groups that they have unsubscribed from.

What are the objectives for users? First objective: to unsubscribe from certain users/groups/pages and stop receiving posts from the users concerned. Second objective: to re-subscribe to users/groups/pages and receive once again, what they share on Facebook.

An explanatory video:

Other announcements made by Facebook:

– The network has announced the reorganisation of Facebook Places, a local search directory, based on the recommendation and advice of other users.

– Facebook has presented an application specifically dedicated to the management of group conversations: Facebook Group. It offers a group listing, the perusal of messages and group message notifications.

– The reduction in reach of brands’ posts that are too promotional  as from January 2015, this concerns those who push their audiences to buy a product, participate in competitions and free draws or reuse exactly the same content as in the advertisements. Their aim is to offer even more qualitative news and improve user experience.

– Finally, today, the brands have the possibility of displaying their mood and activity on their Facebook page, in the same way as on personal profiles.

  • Twitter:

First announcement: Twitter wants to show new subscribers additional features, which we have presented here : for example, an instant timeline and news feed, presented through accounts that are being followed and their clicking habits.

What are the objectives for users? First objective: to access tweets published by accounts that are not yet being followed. Second objective: to display more relevant information that better corresponds to the users’ expectations.


Other announcements made by Twitter:

– Send tweets via private messaging. The urls of the tweets can be inserted in DM.

– Send tweets directly in DM, by clicking on the three little dots under the tweets.

– Access all the tweets published since the creation of Twitter in 2006, in other words, nearly 500 billion tweets.

– Receive relevant information: the network is now even better at recommending, it collects data and analyses mobile Apps  installed on its users’ smartphones.

– Finally, the network is also launching Twitter offers first of all in the United States, allowing brands to communicate about a new product, by tweeting coupons that can be used online or in a shop.

  • Vine:

Vine announced a new feature to help users find interesting content and receive more targeted notifications: such as favourites. When logging into Vine, the application sends a notification as soon as a person, added under favourites, publishes a new video.

  • G+:

Google announced the appearance of a new “Mentions” tab, which is being deployed on the profiles. It allows the identification of posts in which a user has been tagged. The latter can then easily find post shares and mentions of his or her profile in the comments and posts.

  • Instagram:  

Instagram announced two important features: the modification of the description of a photo once published. It’s very practical and avoids you having to delete and rewrite post captions on the network. Second feature: the addition of a “People” tab, allowing you to discover new tabs.

  • YouTube:

YouTube announced the launch of YouTube Music Key, a competitor of Spotify and Deezer. However, for the moment, it isn’t yet accessible to the public and is reserved for a small number of users.

  • Snapchat:

Snapchat has announced a new feature, allowing the transfer of money between friends: Snapcash. This service, conceived in partnership with Square, is simple to use: just save your card details and then enter the amount to be transferred via Snapchat, to the contact in question.

That’s all for this month! See you in late December with the next episode of Social Media news. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter @Over_Graph to be kept informed of all the latest news in real time!

Article published by Camille in SocialMedia

the 30 November 2014