Because you have been following us for some time as Over-Graph has evolved, we wanted to share our new direction and future projects with you.

Since our first prototype in early 2013, Over-Graph has offered you dozens of monthly updates, ranging from the integration of a new social network to the minor correction of an anomaly reported by a user. Tens of thousands of you have tried the first unlimited and totally free version, adopted it, and even recommended it to others.

Now, the Over-Graph adventure has become a success for us: thousands of you use Over-Graph every day, as a main working tool, to enliven your Social Media Profiles.

As the developers of this Solution, we need to provide the means to increase the reliability of Over-Graph and offer you ever more features. These constraints have led us to enrich our Platform with a financial model that we want to be fair and reasonable: it is based on collective and flexible Consumption according to everybody’s usages and needs.

Using this model, we are proud to be able to continue to offer a free of charge solution to as many people as possible, whilst enabling us to continue to seek innovations to improve and facilitate ever more Communication on all your Social Networks.

Depending on the measurement of your needs, you will be allocated a Rank for monthly Cycles which will allow you to consume a specific supply of OG Credits, in any way you like, on the use of our Tools.

This means that you don’t need to worry about your Consumption unless you reach a limit, corresponding to standard usage of your Social Media with Over-Graph.

However, for the time being, we are offering you the chance to share this new beginning with us by taking advantage of a first Cycle of Discovery which will allow you to discover and rediscover all of Over-Graph’s features with no limits. This first Cycle will last for one month from when you next sign in.

Sign in to Over-Graph to find out more and allow us to show you all these great new things! Please click here if you have questions about our Plans.

Article published by Xavier BK in newsOG

the 26 May 2015