Over-­Graph now offers free and paid Plans. Does this mean that that Over­-Graph has become a paid service? No! Here are some answers…

Q: Is it possible to continue using Over-Graph for free?

Of course it’s possible to continue to use Over-­Graph for free, even after the one-month Discovery Cycle. In fact, it is Over­-Graph’s model, which has been set up so that the great majority of users can use it according to their normal needs with a free Plan (corresponding to the rank of ROOKIE).
You can add as many accounts and profiles as you want. Unlike other solutions or platforms, you will not be limited, even with the free Plan. You will also benefit from Over-Graph’s new features and improvements (integration of new social networks, corrections and various improvements…).
So, all of Over-­Graph’s features will stay accessible to free users. However, actions consuming OG Credits can be limited if you use up the supply of OG Credits given to you at the beginning of each Cycle.

Q: If I don’t have any more OG Credits for my current Cycle, what do I do?

If the monthly volume of OG Credits is not enough to meet your needs and the Consumption Limit has been met, you then have the opportunity to make an upgrade to a higher rank to obtain more OG Credits in order to be able to continue carrying out Actions with our Tools.
If not, you can also wait for the Cycle to start again: at midnight, your supply of OG Credits will be reallocated to you.

Q: If I don’t have any more OG Credits, and I don’t want to Upgrade, what happens?

If you use up all of your OG Credits, you can still use some of the features of Over-­Graph. For example, using the ANALYZE tool doesn’t use up any OG Credits because it is in Beta. Your TOPS and KPIs will always be accessible in a free and unlimited fashion. This is also the case for the Publication Calendar or the E­mail Reports.

Q: If I have a paid Plan and I don’t want to pay anymore, what do I do?

You can DOWNGRADE your Rank at any time, and become a ROOKIE again. The DOWNGRADE is recorded and will be effective at the end of your current Cycle. There is no commitment at Over­-Graph.

Q: How much are MANAGER & MASTER Plans?

(Please note that if you are in one of the 28 countries in UE, prices are in Euros and subject to French 20% VAT).
The ROOKIE Plan is free of charge. You will get 10,000 OG Credits at the beginning of each Cycle.
The MANAGER Plan is $29US per month; you will receive 25,000 OG Credits per month.
The MASTER Plan is $49US per month, and will allow you to have an unlimited use of Over-Graph.

Don’t hesitate to send us your questions in the comments or by email at contact@over-graph.com

Article published by Xavier BK in newsOG

the 26 May 2015