Now finding the answers to your questions is easier thanks to our new Help Center.

Since the majority of internet users expect a response within 24 hours, thanks to our Help Center, you no longer have to wait.

From now on, our users have the opportunity to see all recurring questions and answers directly at Over-Graph using our Personal Menu (in the upper right portion of your screen).

Help Center Over-Graph

Our Help Center includes about fifty questions in 12 major categories:

– Sign In
– Getting Started with Over-Graph
– Getting started with Facebook
– Getting started with Twitter
– Getting started with Instagram
– First steps with Youtube
– Managing Selections
– Engagement forecasts
– Using the Publish tool
– Using the Respond tool
– Using the Analyze tool
– Managing the account and general settings
– Miscellaneous

Help Center Over-Graph

With a search engine, you only need to type your question’s key words to find questions in the same topic.

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Here’s an example of a question/answer that you may find in our Help Center:

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We’re always interested in your opinion! It’s for this reason that we have implemented a voting system for each proposed issue.

Feel free to give us your feedback, whether positive or negative, thanks to the buttons below!

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Our Help Center will constantly be updated based on:
the questions we get most often,
and new features of the Solution.

Today, it’s reserved for our users, but a public version will soon be available.

You can also count on #Team_OG to answer your questions on Facebook and Twitter!

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the 3 December 2014