Not long ago, we announced the introduction of free and paid plans for all of our users. But before you decide on which one is best for you, we’re offering a 1-month Discovery Cycle. So, what’s it all about?

This Discovery Cycle will allow you to explore Over-Graph’s features and to use our Solution in an unlimited way, fully exploiting its potential.

During the Cycle (via our help center, our video tutorials or our support team), we will help you master Over-Graph’s different tools and features.

Thanks to weekly reports (sent by e-mail), in which we list Over-Graph’s most important features and whether you’re using them or not, we’ll also help you track your progress throughout your use of Over-Graph:
– The connection between your various social Networks;
– The use of saved selections to organize your work;
– The use of the SPREAD tool, and its various publication types and options, to share your content with your communities;
– The use of the RESPOND tool to continue conversations with your Members.
– These reports enable you to discover more of our solution.

The Discovery Cycle applies to Over-Graph’s historical users as well as all of its new ones.

What happens after the Discovery Cycle?
Following this Cycle, you will be automatically promoted to the rank of ROOKIE and a new Cycle will begin. We will give you some statistics on your use of Over-Graph. Then, depending on how much use you have made of Over-Graph, we will recommend a plan that is tailored to your needs. This may be a paying plan (MANAGER or MASTER) or a free plan (ROOKIE).

The Discovery Cycle is not to be confused with traditional trial periods. In fact, at its conclusion, there will be no blockage on your use of Over-Graph!

Article published by Damien in newsOG

the 2 June 2015