A few weeks ago, we learned that LinkedIn was going to restrict access to its API and would allow access only to applications from “Partners”.

About two weeks ago, after having heard little news from the LinkedIn teams, we prepared ourselves for the worst, and you were alerted via a voicing of opinion on the blog. Many of you have come to our support, and we thank you.

So, how has this story ended?

The LinkedIn team has finally finished its “Review” of our application. For the time being, we have been spared, contrary to many others: we still have permission to make most of our calls using the API, which enables us to maintain almost all of the service.
We like to believe that the LinkedIn team, after tests, has come to find that our application offers real usefulness in the context of comprehensive and intelligent Social Media communication.

Spared, but impacted regardless: we had to carry out some work, delivered today, following this review.

Which features will you not have access to?

Today, we only lose one feature already available, and that you are relatively likely to use: the ability to manage your conversations on your Personal Profile. The retrieval of comments on your Linkedin Updates and the ability to interact will no longer be available. Your personal LinkedIn profile will, therefore, be unavailable in the RESPOND tool.

Which features do you still have access to?

Among the features that remain available, by way of example, are:
– Badge of the number of Relationships in your Personal Profile and your Page Followers;
– Publication of Updates within a few clicks, for all formats;
– Publication scheduling, for all formats;
– Retrieving and answering comments on your Business Pages;
– Ranking of your Page publications, of your Page Followers, and of your Company Pages, by engagement;
– The Chrome extension and its re-spread tool on LinkedIn.

We are extremely happy to be able to continue offering you LinkedIn in Over-Graph. A big thank you to you for your feedback and your support!

Article published by Xavier BK in newsOG

the 1 June 2015